Applications running on a P2P network of computers are known as Decentralized applications (DApps). They came into existence parallelly to the arrival of P2P networks. These DApps are generated on a Blockchain network that lends them the characteristics of being safe and secure. This category of software programs exists on the internet free of centralized control.

Why are Decentralized Applications a better option?

  1. Decentralized - They are not controlled by a single entity.
  2. Open-source - The DApps code is open-source and made available anyone who wishes to access it.
  3. Incentive - Utilize crypto tokens to propose bounties to network miner/users.
  4. Algorithm/Protocol - Enable rewarding of network participants using cryptocurrencies.
  5. Blockchain - Enables the storage of complete data in a secure manner with cryptography.

What Are the Benefits of Decentralized Networks?

  1. No central authority controlling everything
  2. The server/client network is more safe and secure
  3. The complete record stored in the database are secured
  4. The changes in already written blocks can only be made with the consensus of the entire network.
  5. Protected from attacks/outage

Token Asia Platform DApps Development Service

The Blockchain App Development Service provided by TokenAsia enhances the performance of Blockchain by utilizing smart contracts. Our team of expert developers have great amount of exposure in developing and deploying custom, offshore, private, public Blockchain and Ethereum DApps. They’ll contribute their experience in help you have best Decentralized Applications with the below mentioned features:

  1. Collaborations are safeguarded
  2. Reduced operational expenditure
  3. The management of vendors along with claims management is seamless and fraudulent resistance
  4. Document tracing in a plethora of content addressable storage mechanisms
  5. Rights & responsibilities are seamlessly connected with respective contract suites whenever required


  • Identify & Design
  • Code & Develop
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support
  • Upgrade