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If you are planning a coin launch and are on the lookout for specialized ICO/STO marketing services, then you have arrived at the right destination. At TokenAsia Platfovrm, our experienced team will provide you with end-to-end marketing solutions along with strategic decision making. We will guide you through every step of the way until successful coin launch. Our services are primarily catered to give recently established companies the much-needed thrust towards success.

From Whitepaper writing, to specialized campaigns to SEO of a website, Social media management, to complete management of your Token sale platform- we deliver an all-encompassing ICO/STO Marketing package that incorporates all the requisite services. Our dedicated Business Project Managers and Marketing Experts will work on your project to give them a strategic direction through expert advice


Pay Per Click Campaigns

Google Adwords, Other SEM (Yandex, Naver, Bing & Yahoo)

Newsletter, Blogs & Articles

Weekly newsletters to 50k+ Email IDs, Blog posts with updates (Medium)

Social Media Marketing

Regular postings on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram, etc

Bitcointalk & Bounty Campaign


Bounty campaigns with high ratings

Airdrop Campaign


Innovative campaigns with high conversion rate

ICO/STO Listing


Top 100 ICO/STO Listing sites

Community Management


First line support in Telegram, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Twitter, KakaoTalk etc


Our experts leverage their extensive hands-on experience, expertise, and vast knowledge in the Blockchain domain to provide you with the entire gamut of ICO/STO services. From White Paper review, structuring of Tokenomics, KYC & AML/CTF services, to community management- we are a one-stop consultancy where you will receive comprehensive ICO/STO services which will lead you towards your ICO’s/STO's success.

Legal Consultancy

Biggest legal firm in the world to provide advise on the regulatory issues.
KYC & AML/CTF services to meet regulatory standards

Executive Training

Training catered for management to ensure smooth take-over of project after Tokensale


Access to over 50+ global partners
Partners cherry picked and unique for different projects


Specialize in oversight for entity formation and Tokensale processes in order to ensure mission, marketing, technology and philosophy aligned


Management of Investor Relations is essential to the success of budding Blockchain projects. At TokenAsia Platform, our dedicated professionals take care of all your company’s communications by organizing Investor Meetings, holding events, managing PR coverage, and enhancing your project’s participation in all the Blockchain conferences around the world that matter. That’s not all, and our professionals are experts at Exchange Listings and Token Pricing.

Investor Meeting

Arrangement of 1 to 1 investor meetings across Asia
Access to 200+ individuals and fund

On-board Advisors

Prominent figures in the Financial and Token world
Arrangement of meetings with advisors to provide consultancy services

Global Roadshows

Investor roadshows across Asia,
Family Office events as well as Blockchain related events


Whether it is the development of a professional Token sale website, Smart Contract development, or comprehensive Blockchain solutions designed specifically for your project- our skilled technical team is here to devotedly work on your projects and provide you with a wide variety of Technology Solutions in the pre and post ICO/STO stages.

Tokensale Website

Biggest legal firm in the world to provide advice on regulatory issues
KYC & AML/CTF services to meet regulatory standards

Smart Contracts

ERC20 Universal standard for simple integration with exchanges and other services
Smart contract management system to simplify token holder’s experience after Tokensale

Code Audits

Audit smart contracts and technical code with world renowned Tokensale auditing companies
Ensure security at the highest level

Airdrop & Referral Programs

Unique referral programs to encourage participants to refer friends
Customizable Airdrop platforms to personalized needs


One of the most crucial aspects in the marketing of an ICO/STO is the drafting of a persuasive, educative, and authoritative White Paper which will compel your ptetial customers to invest in the ICO/STO. A compelling White Paper is, in fact, a deciding factor in the future success of your Initial Coin Offering. It is essential that everything that you include in the White Paper will return your money. At TokenAsia Platform, our White Paper experts have years of business experience in writing immaculate White Paper copies that are able to deliver the most returns.

What do you get with our comprehensive White Paper services?


Community Management can be a challenging task since every person who comes in contact with your ICO/STO through such channels can be a potential contributor or investor. Not to mention that the range of interests, differing time zones, and languages, all make it a complicated process to manage. The more active you are, and the faster you answer, the more credible your ICO/STO project will appear as compared to the competitors.

Our expert Community Managers ensure that all of the above are factored in a while managing your ICO’s/STO's communities, thus increasing the chances of people investing in your ICO/STO. Our team of professionals will manage community channels like Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Kakao talk, and more.


A Smart Contract can be defined as a protocol that enforces the negotiation or performance of a digital contract. These contracts ensure the execution of credible transactions without the need of any third party. Our technology team will support your project through every phase of smart contract development- from goal setting to successful delivery.

The Process:

Checking business requirement
Conceptualisation of token design
ERC 20 Ethereum standard
Internal Audits for security and vulnerability
Smart Contract auditing
Smart contracts Deployment


Security audits ensure that your system is safe and secure from any vulnerabilities. Potential token buyers are very interested in audit reports as it can be an overwhelming task to sift through hundreds of White Papers.
An audit reports helps your ICO/STO stand out, helps build trust, and has a positive impact on your token sale. Our tech experts deliver the best Security Audit services that build trust, confidence, reduce fraudulence, and keep your data safe and secure. Our audit program ensures that your company is able to respond with the best controls, and hence any risk factors are mitigated. read more


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    We start the Audit


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  5. FIXES

    Your team fixes the issues


    We examine your fixes, update and publish the report (optional)


Complying with KYC/AML regulations gives a variety of advantages to ICO/STO projects that want to leverage online identity verification during coin sale to verify investors’ identity, understand their profile, and assess any potential for money laundering. Our KYC/AML services will help your ICO/STO and enhance its credibility, expand reach, and protect investors in the best possible manner.