A minimum viable product or an MVP is a product that is developed with the aim of satisfying early customers. It provides limited features and provides a base for feedbacks for future product development.

The most common seekers of MVP Development Services are market newcomers and enterprises with existing software solution. The former initiates their project with an MVP to test the waters and authenticate the feasibility of their idea. This tells them if it is wise to invest in additional resources to finalize the product or not. In case of enterprises, they launch a functional spin-off or additional features for their software solutions by launching its MVP first.

RESULT : MVP strategies aids in understanding the course of market and customer needs in the form of user feedbacks and alter or skip the course of development accordingly.


  1. Discovery - Preparing a documentation that lists all your requirements and highlights the core features of the MVP.
  2. Prototyping - Executing the approved design, generating interactive prototype, gathering feedback.
  3. Stabilization - Perform testing to ensure the presence and stability of all functional requirements. Based on results, stabilize and deploy the MVP.
  4. Design - Depending on the provided requirements, design the UI/UX, followed by feedback collection until final approval.
  5. MVP Delivery - TAP engineers and developers provide a demo of all the core functionalities of your product.

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