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Web App Security

Entersoft’s multi-fold security assessment guards your app against the latest and the most devastating attacks.

Mobile App Security

We perform specially crafted attacks on your mobile apps.
We are experts in breaking down Android and iOS applications.

The one shop
The one shop

Code Review

Entersoft’s code review helps in identifying security bugs that generally do not come out during penetration tests and dynamic security tests. Code review is an effective method for finding bugs that are impossible to find in any other way.

Cloud Security

Many organizations think Cloud Security is Cloud Provider's responsibility. It’s the cloud provider's responsibility to secure the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud. But it's your responsibility to ensure you secure anything that you put on the Cloud.
It's important for you to provide Customer data security, Platform security, Application Security, Access management, OS Security, Network Security, Encryption etc. Entersoft's cloud security assessments help you have holistic cloud security
The one shop
The one shop

API Security

Entersoft ensure that the API, supporting backend Infrastructure and Authentication of your API are secure.

Fintech Security

Security forms the foundation of financial services industry. Aside from convenience, keeping customer information secure is the biggest responsibility of FinTech companies. It takes complex and systematic approach that addresses all the elements of cyber security, which helps you to be better equipped and educated to battle the full spectrum of future attacks. Fintech Security simplified.

The one shop
The one shop

IOT Review

IOT security you can trust. The following tests are performed on IoT products to make sure they are secure.

Hub Security Assessments
OS Configuration tests
Architecture reviews
Firewall testing
Load and Performance tests
API, Mobile and Web interface test

Blockchain Security

Entersoft can help you launch your ICO securely and help you further build secure platforms.

Token Sale Website Security Audit
Smart Contract Security Audit
Platform Security
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