Auditing of smart contract is essentially similar to the auditing of regular codes. Auditing is the meticulous investigation of the code before its official deployment to find any security flaws and vulnerabilities. Finding vulnerabilities in the code of a smart contract is of prime importance before launching it. It is because Smart Contracts are self-executing and the Blockchain is immutable which makes it impossible to omit a vulnerability after it is launched.

Ethereum Smart Contracts are preferred over regular contracts because of their ability to automate the transactions and business operations. This makes them clearer, more effective and more secure. Additionally, smart contracts allow businesses to easily bypass the flaws of governmental and tax regulations.

At TokenAsia platform, we do a thorough smart contracts law review to identify any security flaw or vulnerability before publicly launching the code. We offer smart contracts development service on Ethereum Blockchain, which is one of the best Blockchain for smart contracts, along with other Blockchains. Here is the list of features that we offer as a Blockchain Smart Contract development and auditing service provider:

Audit Process

  1. Scope - We receive an audit-ready set of code along with the client chosen deadline.
  2. Quote - We specify a quote for task completion.
  3. Audit - We begin with the smart contract auditing.
  4. Report - We deliver a private report of the identified flaws and other findings along with the action steps to improve the issue.
  5. Revisions - After you make the required revisions, we examine them, and update your report.