Tokens are cryptocurrencies or digital tokens that are built on Blockchain network. In terms of Token Development Platform, Ethereum ranks number 1 in preference. The reason behind its popularity is the creation and facilitation of smart contracts which is made available by Ethereum Platform. The tokens that are generated on the Ethereum Platform are known as ERC-20 tokens.

Method of token generation

The developer is required to send a portion of the native coin to the Blockchain that they are building the tokens on. In case of Ethereum, in order to get the token transactions(creation) validated by Ethereum miners, the developers are necessitated to send some Ether to them. A fees is levied on all token transactions that take place on the Blockchain and it is not just limited to the generation of the token Hence, the developer of the application being built on the Ethereum network needs to use Ether tokens to transfer the application-specific coins from one address to another.

TokenAsia Platform Token development Services

TokenAsia Platform is one of the leading Token Development Service provider that not only help you in generating ERC-20 tokens but also Security Tokens. We also see ourselves as a Security Token Development Company with a team of expert developers holding years of experience in working on diverse projects and successfully bringing them to their full potential.